2017. February 15.
We are launching our new website to start the year with a fresh new image and an updated online presence.
On our new website you'll be able to find our latest products and it's specs, as well as some of our "classics" that we still producing till today.
We have now more information available about our products and we will be keeping you posted with news and videos from our riders. 
You may also subscribe our newsletter to receive our latest information directly on your mailbox.

Do not hesitate to contact us through our website for any inquiry. We have now a warranty section and FAQ where some of your questions may be answered.

Our current dealers list and their contact/website is also available for purchase inquiries.

On our riders section you'll be able to know a bit more about our ambassadors. They are a very important part of Rockman Bikes Family and we are very proud of their achievements and efforts done testing our products.

Hope you enjoy our new site.